DBM Architects | Green Design
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Green Design

As South Africa, and the world at large reaches unprecedented levels of growth, the need for energy efficient, responsible design becomes increasingly important. DBM Architects is committed to producing designs that address the ‘green’ issue in a sensitive, yet pragmatic way.

Through the simple principles of correct facade orientation, insulation & screening, the intelligent selection of building materials, the re-use of grey water and energy efficient electrical design, we strive to minimise the carbon footprint of our developments, and simultaneously maximise their self-sustainability.

dbm Green is an internal focus group dedicated to evaluating and researching the best possible solutions for each project & ensure implementation of the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Conservation of materials & resources
  • Indoor Environment control & management
  • Solar control devices & building orientation
  • Safeguarding water & water efficiency
  • Re-use rather than Re-build