DBM Architects | Steyn City Pigeon City Racing Loft
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Steyn City Pigeon City Racing Loft

About This Project

DBM architects were appointed to design a Pigeon Racing Loft. This truly is a unique project & a lovely opportunity for DBM to be a part of.

At the inception stage, the original brief was to design an aviary for exotic birds, during the conceptual stage the aviary soon developed into a racing pigeon loft. The definition of a racing loft is a structure to house racing pigeons.

At this stage being a fairly specialised hobby, we sought the advice of a pigeon breeder and fancier who assisting in many of the technical requirements to further develop the loft to what it is today. This input was invaluable in helping us to understand the needs and requirements of the loft.

Unlike an aviary which is all open and fairly simple in terms of design, the loft was soon workshopped into something a little more complex. Design criteria such as ventilation, entry and exit points into the loft, drainage requirements, food and basket storage and dangers such as rodents’ cats and other predators all had to be taken into account.

The loft was then compartmentalised into various sections. The loft consists of 4 racing loft compartments for adult and juvenile birds, 3 breeding pair compartments, sickbay, seed & basket locker and an open aviary section. The loft is semi-enclosed with some sections exposed to the natural elements.

The loft is now home to over 100 racing pigeons under the care of pigeon fancier Adam Dunn and his team.

Client representative – Brendan Greely
Specialist breeder & pigeon fancier – Adam Dunn
Architect – DBM Architects
Engineers – MVW Consulting engineers
Specialist contractor – Peters Metals & Brand Build
Artist & Sculptor – Charles Gotthard

Location: Steyn City
Status: Under Construction

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